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  1. Bylaw No 4-2019 To Provide For A Base Tax
  2. Bylaw 3-2019 To Establish Sump Pit and Surface Discharge Requirements
  3. Bylaw 2-2019 To Provide for the Operation of Waste Disposal Site and Set Fees
  4. Bylaw 1-2019 To Authorize Temporary Borrowing
  5. Nuisance Bylaw
  6. Retention and Records Disposal
  7. Bylaw 2-2018 To Provide for the Exemption of Corner Lots from Local Improvement Special Assessments
  8. Bylaw 1-2018 To Adopt a Joint Municipal Emergency Plan with the RM of Moose Creek 33
  9. Bylaw 8-2017 Change of Zoning from Urban Reserve to Highway/Commercial
  10. Bylaw 7-2017 Respecting the Variation of Payment of Certain Local Improvement Special Assessments
  11. Bylaw 6-2017 To Extend Time Required for the Completion of the 2016 Financial Statement
  12. Bylaw 5-2017 To Guarantee Portion of Loan on Behalf of Alameda Recreation Board
  13. Bylaw 4-2017 To Establish Mill Rate Factors
  14. Bylaw 3-2017 To Establish a Base Tax
  15. Bylaw 2-2017 To Set Discounts and Penalties
  16. Bylaw 7-16 Code of Ethics Bylaw
  17. Bylaw 6-16 To Provide for Public Disclosure by Members of Council
  18. Bylaw 5-16 To Authorize a Special Assessment with Respect to the Undertaking of Paving and Curbing as a Local Improvement
  19. Bylaw 4-16 To Undertake Paving and Curbing of 5th Avenue and 5th Crescent as a Local Improvement
  20. Bylaw 6-15 To Provide for the Control of Animals
  21. Bylaw 5-15 To Provide for the Closing and Selling of a Buffer Street Adjacent to a Roadway
  22. Bylaw 4-15 To Amend Bylaw 11-85 known as the Zoning Bylaw
  23. Bylaw 2-15 To Fix Rates to be Charged for the Use of Sewer Services
  24. Bylaw 1-15 To Regulate Use and Consumption of Water and to Fix the Rates to be Charged

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