Alameda Legion
2nd Tuesday of the Month
Contact:  Bonnie Widenmaier - 489-2018

Alameda Co-op
4th Wednesday of the Month
Contact:  Kendall Annetts - 489-2000

United Church Council
3rd Thursday of the Month
Contact:  Karen Andersen -

Prairie Pride Credit Union
4th Wednesday of the Month
Contact:  Dean Copeland - 489-2131

Alameda Rink Board
Contact:  Trent Dorrance - 306-485-7547

Alameda Housing Authority
Contact:  Edythe Workman - 306-489-0009

Alameda Agricultural Society
Contact:  Melanie Warner - 306-489-4400

Alameda 4H Club
Contact:  Jason Frey - 306-483-2291

Alameda Merry Makers
Contact:  Audrey Wood - 306-489-2225


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